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20 Top retail stores

20 top retail stores & over 2 400 outlets from which to shop.


TFG Rewards

Automatic membership to our TFG Rewards program with discounts & offers every time you swipe.


Payment options

12 months or 6 months no interest* payment plans available.


Get Covered

Get covered with optional account balance protection and other exclusive insurance products.


Free extra cards

Free additional cards for immediate family members & no annual fees.


Good credit rating

Good credit rating at the bureaus if you manage your account well.


Credit Top-Up

Apply for a temporary increase on your credit limit.


Big Buy

Finance a R5000+ purchase for up to 36 months*


How to apply

  • In any TFG store with your ID Book
  • Online at

Who can apply

  • Anyone over the age of 18
  • Only RSA residents can apply online
  • You have a good credit record

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